The Mechanisms of Evolutionary Change

The Mechanisms of Evolutionary Change

There are four basic mechanisms that drive populations to change over time: natural selection, mutation, genetic drift, and gene flow.

  • You will create a 6-slide PowerPoint presentation in this manner:
    o Slide 1: Title slide (include your name).
    o Slides 2 – 5: One slide each on natural selection, mutation genetic drift,
    gene flow
    § One evolutionary change mechanism per side (4 in total).
    § Each slide should be only the image representing the evolutionary
    change mechanism, its name, and where the image came from
    (citation). No other words.
    § Using the speaker notes, enter your description of the molecule, its
    purpose, and importance.
  • This description must be in your own words.
  • You must use intext citation where necessary.

o Slide 6: Reference slide in APA format.

  • The following links will help you in creating your PowerPoint:
    o Creating a PowerPoint Presentation
    o Add Speaker Notes to Your Slides

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