The Point of the Legends

The Point of the Legends

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The Point of the Legends

The details of Gautama’s life are entirely enshrouded in legend, and legend characteristically heavy with tendentious interpretation. Thus, for instance, the Four Passing Sights are rather spectacular, if somewhat obvious interpolations of doctrine. Similarly one might wonder the significance of the Gautama’s activities between the Great Going Forth and the Awakening. What’s the point, would you say?

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Harris and Eastern Religions

Apparently Sam Harris’ critique of religion is meant to be more harshly directed toward Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, than against Hinduism and Buddhism. Is that fair? How do you account for the fact that he seems so much more sympathetic to those “Eastern” religions, than to the great ‘Western” monotheisms?

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According to Historical accounts, Buddha gained influence on the world after becoming one of the greatest teachers on how people ought to conduct themselves. However, he did not gain insight on such theories in an instant but went through a series of events that transformed his

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