The Role of Government in Healthcare

The Role of Government in Healthcare

  1. MLA format for in-text citations and Works Cited list. You can find help at the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (OWL) section on MLA at You can find other technical guides, such as grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, APA format, etc., at this site as well.
  2. At least 5 college-level sources: • This means Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles, or Books from University Presses. • Encyclopedias or websites (not including Wikipedia) may be used, if necessary, but do not count a mo lig the 5 required sources. When you evaluate your sources, ask yourself if each source is the best available source of information on the subject. • You may use field research, such as an interviews or surveys, for one of the required sources. (You must have at least four published sources). • Your sources should be appropriate for an academic reader — they should be evaluated carefully for accuracy and extreme bias (always ask yourself about the motives of the authors of your sources).
  3. Your paper should be a minimum of 1,500 words long (5-6 pages, not including the works cited list).
  4. Your paper must make a strong, clear argument: you must make a claim that you defend with supporting evidence, with which a reasonable person could disagree. Your paper should be written for an audience of neutral or resistant readers (people who don’t already agree with you). You should try to persuade your readers to accept your view. • As part of your argument, you must show awareness of the kinds of people who will be affected by your proposal. In addition to presenting and supporting your side of your argument, you need to address counter arguments, that is, the concerns of people who you think might reject it.
    Topic: Your topic, as long as it is college-level, is MOSTLY up to you. l will not be accepting research papers on the topics of Gun Control, Abortion, Immigration, or Social Media ‘lite topics are not original. Student’s ones have trouble avoiding personal bias, fill the papers with unsupported opinion, find biased sources, and arc tempted to plagiarize these papers.
    I would suggest choosing a topic that might help you down the road in terms of your degree, career, or personal life. Choose something you have a lot of interest in and curiosity about. You may want to choose a topic that focuses on a public policy decision of local, state or national significance. After researching your topic carefully, try to persuade others. Below are some suggested topics to get you thinking. They are only suggestions.

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