The Role of the Physician

 Managed care has had an impact on the healthcare industry since its inception. It introduced different managed care models as well as different payment systems. More directly, managed care has changed patient and provider behavior in terms of what they can and can’t do. Healthcare providers have been directly impacted in the way they are reimbursed and the factors that lead to maximum reimbursement.

Conduct research on how the role of the physician has changed with the advent of managed care. Write a 4-5-page paper that addresses the following:

Explain how managed care has changed the healthcare landscape.
Discuss how managed care impacts provider reimbursement.
Describe how the relationship between physician and patient has changed through managed care.
Explain whether, in your opinion, the new focus on healthcare outcomes is better or worse.
Discuss who benefits from the new reimbursement approach.
Describe the relationship between first, second, and third-party in a managed care plan.
Use a minimum of 3 scholarly resources, with at least 2 from the Rasmussen library.
Include at least 3 in-text citations.
Use proper APA format.

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