The secrets of sleep

The secrets of sleep

In paper of 800–1,000 words, provide a detailed response to the following questions:

  • Were you surprised at some of the effects that Tripp experienced? Why or why not?
  • What does Tripp’s experience reveal about the purpose of sleep?
  • Does his experience provide any insight into possible causes or potential treatments for sleep disorders?
  • Describe your own experience with sleep deprivation and how it compares to that of Tripp.

Your paper should be in proper APA-style and should include 2–3 scholarly references.


The secrets of sleep. (2010). Retrieved from the ViewPure Web site:

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Sleep is fascinating. According to scientists, we spend a third of our lifetime sleeping, a phenomenon that is yet to be explained. Despite the complexity of this wonder, it can be acknowledged that the level of satisfaction derived from …

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