There has been widespread debate over governmental regulation of financial entities.

summarize the various regulations that are currently in place to protect investors, consumers, and financial markets.

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Some basic regulations have been in place for decades, however with the recent financial crisis involving Enron and numerous giant banks, reform has been completely overhauled.Antitrust Trust has been around since 1887. These laws are designed to protect consumers from monopolies, price fixing and price discrimination.

The Securities and Exchange Act of 1933and 1934 provides for the regulation and registration of securities exchanges, brokers, dealers and securities associations.It also provide for continuous periodic disclosures by publicly help corporations to enable the SEC to regulate all subsequent trading.

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act is the largest and possibly most costly regulation to affect businesses.It is an attempt to increase corporate accountability by imposing strict disclosure requirements and extremely harsh penalties for violations of security laws.Entity’s chief officers must now take personal responsibility for the accuracy of the financial statements.The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was the first act to introduce direct federal corporate governance requirements for all publicly traded companies.It also requires a much higher standard of internal control and all procedures associated with the new monitoring.Many companies have argued the cost of implementing the Sarbanes-Oxley Act far outweighs its benefits.



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Governmental Regulation of Financial Entities
The United States Treasury Department swiftly established a wide-based strategy to spot-on the financial challenges of housing and banking collapse. It comprises of five primary sections which include protection of consumers and investors from financial exploitation,

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