to fill in all the questions according to the rubric

to fill in all the questions according to the rubric

Just according to the part one and think out three thing you learned or gained by imagining to finish the part two.

you can improve more by searching this adviser because the part one I got a low score.





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PART TWO: Advising Session   


Total possible points: 67.5 (see rubric) 

Two Parts: Session reflection & Self-Assessment                                                                            

NAME: Ping Li


What are three things that you learned or gained insight about from your advising session.  Be clear and thoughtful in your responses.  I’m looking for connection to the value of this exercise.

Firstly, I learned that I ought to choose a career in which I have significant interest in, and one which I feel I would perform my best due to personal motivation into engaging in the activities necessary for said career. With this position, I am now extensively interested in learning some of the activities in which I find maximum pleasure while at the same time evaluating the chances of getting a career out of the said activities.

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