Total Recall (1990)

Total Recall (1990)

Choose one book or film from the ‘Supplementary Dystopias’ list; discuss it with reference to the themes of the course and other course readings. Questions you might consider include: is this work properly described as a dystopia? What kind of dystopia is it? What features does it (or the society it depicts) share with1984, ‘The Machine Stops’, other famous classics of the genre, or real-life dystopian societies? As a dystopia, what makes it distinctive and interesting? Does it have a moral lesson to teach about technology, totalitarianism, complicity, or resistance? Do you agree with that lesson, and with the author’s assumptions about human nature and our possible future? Should it go on the syllabus if I teach a dystopia course again? (And if so why?)Etc. Organize your discussion around an interesting unifying ‘thesis’; state that thesis in the introductory paragraph. (You may also choose to compare two dystopias; one of them could be 1984Total Recall or ‘The Machine Stops’.)

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Notably, Dystopia refers to an imagined universe whereby the oppressive societal control and the illusion of a perfect world are manipulated through bureaucratic, corporate, moral, technological, or totalitarian control (Marez, 2017). Considerably, dystopias criticize the current…

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