Training Program Analysis

For your course project, analyze the training need, the tasks you will be training on, and your learners.

***********Specifically, in a minimum of 5 pages:

  1. Make a final decision on the content or skills to train your learners on. Choose a subject that will allow you to gauge their performance before and after the training you have completed. Why does this training need to be done? What are the benefits and consequences for conducting the training?
  2. Identify the specific tasks you want learners to learn. The lecture and your reading define task analysis and illustrates possible methods you can use. Take your knowledge and build your own method. Be sure to have confidence and write as if you are the expert here.
  3. Based on the training group you chose, make general assumptions about the learning capabilities of your members. What are their current skills and capabilities concerning the content they need to learn? What do they still need to learn? What is their attitude toward this content? Does their attitude need to be changed in any way? What are the learning styles that you will have to address? Is there a predominant learning style?
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At some time in any professional’s career, there is always some need for some level of training to improve the ability of the employee in question to solve contemporary issues. Undertaking an undergraduate management program for four years at the University does not…
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