Final Draft of Synthesis (Listicle) Essay

Final Draft of Synthesis (Listicle) Essay

When submitting your rough draft of your A.I. Listicle, be sure you have a title, introduction paragraph, thesis statement, and at least three full body paragraphs. Please put your thesis statement in bold. Don’t forget to number the items (body paragraphs) in your list, and include one image, GIF, or meme for each item (body paragraph). Use the student sample Listicles for more help. Also, don’t forget to highlight your words/phrases used from “Templates & Transitions,” and include citations from the articles you choose to cite.

Before you submit the final draft of your essay, please make sure you have put your thesis statement in bold, highlighted 5-10 phrases from “Templates & Transitions” and/or “Making Moves with Sources,” and reviewed the “Quoting Sources Using MLA” handout. Consider, also, uploading a PDF instead of Word document if you are concerned about preserving the formatting of your document. view the two samples that i included







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Final Draft of Synthesis (Listicle) Essay


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