Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen

Topic: Tweens: Ten Going on Sixteen (Hymowitz)

Details: What examples does Hymowitz use to support her contention that children are growing up more rapidly than they did in earlier times? Do you agree that children are growing up more rapidly? What does she contend are the consequences of leaving childhood so early? Do you agree with her regarding these consequences?  It is OK to talk about “kids today” or “people today;” but to get full credit, you will need to refer to particular “kids” not just to generalities.  Being specific is what separates high quality work from the sort of thing two people might say over a beer at a bar.

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According to Hymowitz, there is no preadolescence anymore as kids are now teenagers at ten. Implicitly, kids are growing much faster than the earlier times. To support this perspective, Hymowitz uses different examples including the fact that girls are now dressing like teenagers while at the age of ten…

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