U6 Responses

U6 Responses

 There are 4 responses. Write a 75 word response for each.

Response 1.) Michael

The widespread use of the internet and other information technology tools in the healthcare industry create a significant ethical dilemma (Ferrell et al., 2022). Most hospitals and medical groups abandoned paper medical records years ago. Unfortunately, this makes them all vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Criminals realize how critical medical record information is to a hospital and attempt to capitalize on that reality through these ransomware attacks.

Sometimes hospitals adopt data sharing and tracking tools that can violate patient privacy regarding the patient’s medical information. Recently, an investigator discovered that several major hospital systems in North Carolina were sending patient information to Facebook. They used a Meta Pixel tracker that sent data to Facebook every time the patient clicked on a button online to schedule an appointment. The hospitals responded promptly to turn off this hidden feature. We will continue to struggle with these types of privacy risks in healthcare as technology becomes increasingly sophisticated.

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