UKNA10 – COM733 Advance Ethical Hacking

UKNA10 – COM733 Advance Ethical Hacking

Discuss the technical aspects of the attack

Module Title :: Advance Ethical Hacking

Assesment Tittle :: SUNBURST Cyber Attack Report

Task details and instructions :


There has been a spate of cyber-attacks in the last few years, of which many have involved ransomware. One of the most prominent ransomware attacks of 2021 was the one on American oil pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline. Your task is to produce a report based upon this cyber-attack. You should describe the attack and its potential solutions at a deep, technical level and contextualise them from data, privacy, ethical, legal, and social perspectives. The technical description should cover vulnerabilities that could be exploited for ransomware, how they are exploited and possible security controls. In producing the technical description and recommending solutions that can be implemented, you can refer to other ransomware attacks, but the focus should be on the attack on Colonial Pipeline.


Introduction to topic, brief background of the attack carried out and an overview of its impacts.

Technical Aspects

Discuss the technical aspects of the attack: this can include the technologies and skillsets required to execute the attack and the pathway that the attack would have taken to achieve its objectives.

Privacy and Security

Discuss the impact on privacy to the affected organisation(s) and individuals. Discuss the tools and techniques that could be used to enforce security of the data and traffic in relation to the attack being analysed.

Incident Response and Disaster recovery

Discuss the methods used to respond to the attack and compare and contrast the approaches taken to best practices found in the literature. What impact did the organisations strategy have to mitigate the effects of the attack? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches taken?

Legal and Ethical Issues

Discuss the legal and ethical issues caused by the attack and the implications for the organisation in question and any other individuals and organisations affected.

Conclusions and recommendations

Based on your findings, provide your conclusions and recommendations and the methods used to contain and manage its impact. You should refer to industry best practices and peer-reviewed standards/papers to justify your recommendations.

Answer preview discuss the technical aspects of the attack


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