Understanding Environmental Health in Totality

Understanding Environmental Health in Totality

Please don’t stress over the paper proposal! Now that the midterm is past, I want to help you get started on the paper. There is no “wrong” way to do the proposal. I have decided to open the subject up to include ANY feature-length narrative film (NOT restricted to those on the screening list). So:

1) Pick ANY movie that you like…

2) Identify the theme (ex: revenge, loss, courage)

3) Pick one or more FORMAL element (camera, lighting, sound, editing, mise-en-scene)

4) Show how the director uses that element to reveal or re-enforce the theme

5) More than 8 pages

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Film Paper Proposal.

Uncle Drew (2018).


Uncle Drew is a sports comedy film inspired by Pepsi adverts on the same characters. Jay Longino wrote the movie whereas Charles Stone III did the directing (Rotten Tomatoes, 2018). Nonetheless, the main humorous effect of the film is based on a group of old basketball players that reunite to compete in the Rucker Classic Tournament. Nevertheless, sport and other themes are communicated through mood and intonation. Additionally, the role of both lighting, sound, and mise-en-scene has a significant impact on the message being conveyed in a movie. Therefore, the scope of this paper remains with regards to the analysis of Uncle Drew.

Uncle Drew is a comedy movie set in 2018. The film revolves around the legends responsible for making the America basketball legacy. Nonetheless, it remains imperative to indicate that among the most memorable of these players is Uncle Drew.

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