Unit 8-Final project

Dear writer, please write a 4.5 page paper for the final project. These were comments for the paper from the professor. Your case is fine 9attached below). However, you must follow my recommendations for your final draft. what are the facts of the case? What crime or crimes were committed and what are the criminal elements of the crime. IMPORTANT You must discuss a defense that we studied in our course. If the defense in your case was not one we studied, please do not discuss it in your final paper!! What defense or defenses were available to the defendant at the time of the crime? The defense must be one that we study, such as, self-defense, duress, intoxication, or insanity. Do not discuss criminal procedure defenses such as illegal search and seizure, or DNA evidence. “I did not commit the crime” or “there was no evidence to convict me” are not defenses that we will study. WHAT IF A DEFENSE WAS NOT PRESENTED IN THE CASE? If the -defense was not presented in your case you must do the following: -you must act as the defendant’s attorney and provide the best defense you believe would prevail for your client. -you must define the following terms: Presumption of innocence; Burden of proof Beyond a reasonable doubt.

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