Vaginitis (most recent research)

I need the most recent and updated research about Vaginitis, Please Focused in:

1. Patient assessment ( physical exam with Vaginitis, dispareunia, vaginal discharge….)

2. Nursing care plan

3. Pharmacologic treatment

4. Non-pharmacology treatment.

5. Differential diagnosis (more than 3)

6. Follow up, and Prognosis

Please use APA style, reference no more than 5 years ago, more than 4 references.



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Patient Assessment
For a patient to be assessed for vaginitis, they must have observed several symptoms that are common when one suffers from the inflammation of the vagina. Major symptoms include a huge change in the odor and color in the discharge from the vagina, vaginal irritation, painful urination, pain during intercourse, and vaginal bleeding.

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