Conduct research on your selected social group.

Conduct research on your selected social group.

Week 13 Homework
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Cultural Diversity and Global Awareness Assignment

Social Diversity Interview Paper

*You will have an extended deadline until April 27th for this homework assignment due to its rather lengthy requirements

There are 4 steps to this assignment:

Step 1: Select a social group to which you do not belong, with regard to ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, disability status, religious belief, political belief, cultural perspective, veteran status, country of origin, etc. It would be helpful to choose a group toward which you have some less than positive opinions or feelings, or one that you know very little about. [Criterion 1: Awareness]

Step 2: Conduct research on your selected social group. Be sure to locate at least 2 scholarly sources. One of your sources should discuss the selected group’s experience in the United States and the other should discuss their experience and how they are perceived in a country other than the U.S. [Criterion 2: Knowledge]

Step 3: Write your paper. Your paper must be no fewer than 4 pages in length (Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced).

Page 1: Title page (APA Format)

Page 2: Summary of the research you located

Page 3: A personal reflection in which you discuss ways in which your perception of, compassion and empathy toward this group may have changed.

Page 4: An APA formatted Reference page

[Criterion 4: Application, Global Awareness]


Step 2: For Scholarly sources on the group you are investigating see Sinclair’s LibGuide on Diversity at:

Step 3: Using APA (American Psychological Association) Style: Library/LibGuides/Citation Styles/APA Resources:

Purdue Owl APA Formatting Guide:


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Conduct research on your selected social group.


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