Prepare your PowerPoint by selecting a background that complements your story

Lesson 2

In this week’s lesson, you will use the zip file you uploaded to Moodle in the Task to prepare your second speech – a story written by you!

Open the file folder that you titled with your name and Task 2 that contains the

(1) blank PowerPoint
(2) images for your story’s PowerPoint
(3) outline

Prepare your PowerPoint by selecting a background that complements your story, includes your story’s images, and is organized according to the chronological events in your outline.

Remember – your presentation must contain an introduction and a conclusion to your story and should be 5-7 minutes in length.

ALL students will upload their PowerPoint presentations to Moodle.

On-ground students – after you upload your presentation to Moodle you will present it live to the class. A recording is not necessary.

Online students – please upload a narrated PowerPoint using the built-in recording software OR a non-narrated PowerPoint along with a video of you presenting the PowerPoint using your phone, video camera, webcam, or other recording software.


I want to tell the story of A Cat in the Hat, written by Dr. Seuss. The story rotates around a sizeable human feline wearing a white and red striped cap and a red tie. A kitten appears in Sally and her sibling on a windy day, who has no mother. Despite the hatchling warm-up grumblings, the Cat shows the kids some of his tricks, attempting to involve them. Simultaneously, he and his associate Thing Two and Thing One obliterate the house. As young fish and men become increasingly terrified, Tomcat gives a machine to tidy up and vanish not long before the youngsters’ moms get back.

The story starts as a book storyteller, a mysterious kid sitting alone at home with her sister Sally on a windy and cold day, peering out the window with understanding. Then, they heard a significant thump and before long joined by the presence of a feline in a cap, an unmistakable human-feline with a white and red striped hat and a red tie, a youngster explicit. Kittens respond by pointing the fish at the tip of an umbrella. The game rapidly turns out to be more and trickier as Tom Cat changes the ball and attempts to adjust a significant number of his family to his appendages until he falls on his head and drops all that he had. The fish censures him, yet the Cat in his Hat suggests an additional game (Seuss 2017).

The Cat gets a sizeable red box from an external perspective, from which it conveys two mysterious characters. He has blue hair and a red suit and is classified “Thing 1” and “Thing 2”. Things make them seriously testing, like flying kites in the house, insane photographs, and getting another babysitter spotted dress. This closes when the fish finds the mother of the youngsters through the window. Hence, the youngster places possessions in the net, and the Cat modestly returns them to the vast red box. He takes it through the anterior entryway while the fish and teen check the destruction he made. However, soon, the Cat returns and rides a machine to get everything and clean the house, fascinating fish and children. The Cat leaves in a matter of seconds before the mother shows up, and the fish and kids return to where they began at the story’s start. When she comes in, her mom asks the youngster what they did while away; however, the kids wonder whether or not to reply. The story closes with the inquiry, “How would you respond when your mother asks you?”


Seuss. Dr. Seuss – the Cat in the Hat [60th Anniversary Edition]. 2017.

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Prepare your PowerPoint by selecting a background that complements your story


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