Week 6 rough draft.

Week 6 rough draft.

In previous assignments and discussions, you selected a topic to write about, explored its exigence, audience, and purpose, and researched the topic using credible, scholarly sources. Now you will pull all the information together into a rough draft of an academic essay.

The purpose of this essay is not to prove whether you are right or wrong but to objectively present differing viewpoints about your topic and contribute in a meaningful way to an ongoing conversation about the topic. You may think of your essay as an “argument of inquiry”; intended to lead your audience to a deeper understanding of an issue that affects them. The topic, purpose, and supporting points of your essay are stated in a thesis statement in the first paragraph of the essay.

To get a feel for writing academic arguments, please review the following sample student essays. Each was written by a previous student in EN102.

Sample Researched Argument 1

Sample Researched Argument 2

Sample Researched Argument 3

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