Week 8 Dialogue

Week 8 Dialogue

What are three factors that an arbitrator should look for when determining a credible witness? Discuss how this may impact the outcome of the arbitration process?

discuss the arbitration process in regards to the lesson and your perspective. Provide valid support for your perspectives. work count 300-400 and 2-3 references along with biblical references and in-text citation, APA formatting




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In every arbitration prosses, there is a need for a credible witness for it to go through effectively. An arbitrator should, therefore, be very keen when determining how credible a witness is. There have been various versions of determining the credibility of a witness and it is up to the arbitrator to choose the most appropriate based on the factual questions in discourse. Some of the factors that an arbitrator needs to consider when determining the credibility of a witness include the ability to observe the event in question.

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