weekly reflection journal

This journal is an opportunity for you to process and expand upon your notes from class and the textbook, or respond to any particular announced questions. By expand, I mean more than reproducing whatever I may put on the board, through the inclusion of comments made in class and your thoughts on the material after class. In particular, I am interested in those concepts or examples you find most helpful, and any questions you may have that we did not get a chance to address in class, or did address but not to your satisfaction.

Minimum Requirements:

At least 500 words of relevant material

Correct grammar and spelling

Submission by 11:59 PM on Tuesday of the following week. While every submission will contribute to your overall Weekly Journal grade, you may not earn more than 100% in this category.



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Weekly Reflection Journal

From the class notes and other course materials, there are several areas where I had questions and comments that would help me expand knowledge about the course components. The first aspect was based on utilitarianism and how humans have never agreed on a single criterion when deciding what is right from what is wrong. According to Mills, the debate has separate intellects and philosophers in schools of thoughts and sects that persist to date. Brining about a platform through which people can agree upon cannot happen since we all have different meanings of what is moral from what is not. What one might consider to be moral may be considered to be immoral by another.

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