Western Civilization 1 Final Essay Assignment

Western Civilization 1 Final Essay Assignment



Select one of the movements from the list below and write a 3-5 page essay that includes the following information:

1. Give a general description of the movement.

2. Goals of the movement.

3. Discuss at least 2 people who had an impact on the movement.

4. What were the accomplishments/impacts of the movement?

Topics to Choose From:

1.The Pax Romana

2.The Development of the Greek Polis

3.Greek Thought

4.Hellenistic Greece

5.The Expansion of Islam

6.The Carolingian Empire

7.The Mongol Empire

8.The Crusades

9.The Renaissance

Writing Guidelines for the Assignment:

1.The essay should be 3-5 word processed, double-spaced pages in 12 point Times New Roman or Ariel font.

2. You must use at least 5 academic sources (your textbook, Spark notes, Prezi, Wikipedia, etc…. can NOT be used as sources). At least one of the sources must be a Primary Source Document. Check here for differences between primary and secondary sources: http://aumnicat.aum.edu/historical-research-primary-vs-secondary-sources

3. You must cite the sources you use in the text of the paper, and you must have a works cited page at the end of your paper that lists your sources alphabetically by last name of the author. For information on in-text citations look here:https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/2/

4. You must cite specific examples to support your arguments.




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The Western Civilization Final Essay
The Pax Romana
People have used the term Pax Romana for a long time to mean Roman peace. This was the period between 27 B.C.E and 180 C.E within which the Roman Empire experienced peace and stability. The period of tranquility that lasted for about 206 years was seen as a miracle as Rome had not experienced tranquility for such an extended period. The Pax Romana was the period of transition from the reign of Augustus to that of Marcus Aurelius with Augustus laying the foundation (Faulkner, 2013).

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