What database did this article come from?

What database did this article come from

POST 5- You are to find an article from the Healey Library that specifically discusses ONE POINT you have made in your first academic paper. Write about the author’s perspective and HOW s/he has developed his/her points of view. You may answer some of these questions below in essay form..2 pages:
What database did this article come from?
Who is the author and what is the title?
When was this article written?
What is this article about? (This should only be 2 sentences in YOUR OWN WORDS)
What kind of evidence and support does the author use to convince or persuade the readers that the argument is valid and logical?
To what extent has reading this article changed your thinking about this topic? Please be specific in your answer.
Find one quote from the article and analyze it by using an example of your own.
In your conclusion, please write about your learning process about RESEARCH from the Healey Library. What did you find most interesting, useful and valuable to know? Explain your reasons.

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In order to persuade readers, the author of this article uses statistical evidence. According to the article, British’s higher education needs to be expanded in order to accommodate more students. This can be achieved when students are required to…

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