What happens to a company when it goes public

What happens to a company when it goes public, i.e. when it reaches

the size when, to sustain its growth, it offers itself of to
investors in the form of stock? Does this create moral problems, such
as changing the very mission of the organization? Does it make the
product or service suffer from the fact that now manahgement has to
be concerned more with the continual attraction and retention of
investors, who need to be rewarded on a quarterly basis?
What about stock ownership: the more our society resorts to it, we
are moving more toward an economy based on anonymous ownership?
“public ownership” sounds nice, but in fact isn’t it better called
“anonymous ownership”, since more and more of the burdens and
benefits of ownership are being place on the shoulders of investors
who lack genuine entrepreneurial intentions, i.e. the kind that will
make an investor be patient and not expect constant monetary rewards?
Is there any way for us to move instead toward a more conscientious
kind of stock ownership, one that is not just fed by an intention to
increase one’s own personal portfolio, but is supplemented by an
intention of “social investment”? Choose a case where someone is
trying to do this.
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In the sophisticated global business environment of the 21st century, firm face numerous challenges to stay competitive to achieve their goals. They need sufficient resources to make the investments they need to pursue their objectives…
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