What is your experience with Teams in the workplace or in your classes and what are your best practices?

What is your experience with Teams in the workplace or in your classes and what are your best practices?

Please review the required readings and follow this rubric to answer topic #1 and topic #2. Please have references cited from the articles that will be chosen to answer topic 1 and 2

Exceptionally well communicated; analyzes assigned and unassigned reading and incorporates into own original ideas; supports ideas with the highest levels of sound reasoning, examples and theory, applies readings to personal experience and/or events; presents creative and original ideas and/or builds on previous postings; synthesizes previous postings; generates highly engaging discussion; may contribute multiple additional academic sources.

No extraneous content (not relevant to the ideas being addressed) was included. Addresses all of the assigned issues in the response in a comprehensive manner.

Competencies: Communication, Problem Solving, and Critical Thinking.

• Graduate level writing is reflected throughout the postings, including accurate spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure.

• Citations are properly used (APA format) and all sources are identified and cited properly.

• No issues with excessive non-original content are present.

• Content is very well organized.

Competencies: Communication Skills


“Share your experience with teams in the workplace or in your classes. Have you experienced any of the issues discussed in the articles? Incorporate specific references to at least two of the assigned articles in your response.”


Topic #2

The authors of the assigned articles make several recommendations for successful virtual/global teams. Discuss these practices. Have you had any experience with some of them working or not working? Look ahead to the team project in this class in Week 12 and the deliverables that lead up it. How will you implement the practices in your virtual team for this class? Incorporate specific references to at least two of the assigned articles in your response.

Also, what is your assessment of the best practice suggestions regarding privacy at work that I made in the January, 2013, issue of Cosmopolitan magazine (http://ezproxy.umuc.edu/login?url=http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=f5h&AN=86248171&site=eds-live&scope=site)? How do they relate to working in virtual teams versus a physical environment (i.e., does privacy play a role at work when working in virtual teams)?

The article states, “Your boss wants to know just enough to like you, but not too much that it makes her feel like she has a personal relationship with you outside work,” explains workplace-relationship expert Courtney Anderson.

Even if your boss is supercool and talks to you about her personal life, you shouldn’t take it as a sign you’re completely free to spill. Anderson suggests a rule of thumb: Mirror half what she does. If your boss shares two personal stories a day, you can share one. If she only gets personal once a week, save your stories for every other week.

And never bring stuff up randomly; drop your info right after your boss gives you her scoop. “That way, your story flows right into the progression of the conversation, so it seems casual and natural,” Anderson says. Leave the really heavy stuff (an alcoholic mom or a bipolar boyfriend) for your friends — with one exception: If what’s happening in your life is affecting your performance in a big way, tell her…but be vague. “Just say, ‘I thought you should know that my family is going through a rough spot, so I may have to be out here and there, but I won’t let anything slide,'” Anderson explains. She’ll appreciate the information, and you’ll come off as responsible for coming forward.””






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Teams are an essential part for the success of a business or a company. Businesses become successful because all the companies employees work towards a common goal. The goal could be providing services or to make a profit. Whether the company has one branch or multiple subsidiaries in different regions, the point is that all the departments have to work together to achieve success.

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