What role did paintings play in the societies of ancient civilizations?

What role did paintings play in the societies of ancient civilizations?

Format: One-two pages, double spaced, 12 pt type, one inch margins. Do not include quotations, but do include 1-3 images and two research resources. The images and resources do not count toward the one page length. Note: For advanced and creative writers, we offer flexibility. Please discuss with your TA.

1. Catchy title: Should give general sense of the topic. Can be serious, humorous, literary, descriptive. 10 points

2. Engaging opening statement that invites the reader to keep reading. This could be an amusing question or visual observation about your subject, or something surprising about the context, or a connection to current events that peaks the reader’s curiosity. If you’re having a hard time thinking of something, take a cue from a piece of writing you enjoy. How does it begin? 10 points.

3. The opening statement is followed by general paragraph that includes the relevant information associated with the assigned question, including your visual examples, why they are appropriate to the question, and in general terms what is interesting about the subject. 10 points

4. At the end of the first paragraph, please transition graciously to your one sentence thesis statement. The thesis statement offers an opinion of your subject or an otherwise clear indication of a perspective you will offer through the writing. 20 points.

5. Grammar. Hint: Always run a grammar check. (minus one point per — clearly careless — grammatical error). 10 points

6. Spelling. Hint: Run a spell check. (minus one point per — clearly careless — spelling error). 10 points

7. BIBLIOGRAPHY. After the paragraph, please list two research sources that are appropriate to your subject and that you will use in the paper in addition to Sheriff. 30 points. (15 points each), in MLA or UChicago bibliography format). The sources should be either an academic press book — books published by “University of xx” or available through jstor. If the nature of the source important for your thesis statement (meaning you are writing on popular perceptions), you may cite a popular source (newspaper, magazine, website, television, etc,) , provided you can bring a critical perspective to the source material (meaning you are using it as primary information). Each source should be followed by one sentence that characterizes the point of view offered in the article, book, or source, as in “This article offers a feminist perspective of Michelangelo’s David,” or “This book argues that Christopher Columbus did not ‘discover’ America.”

Excellent research resources can be found online by clicking on Library Resources (in the left hand column of this website) under Help and Support. Of particular use are the art history journals found in Art Index, Art Bibliographies Modern, or JSTOR. For a more complete list of periodicals and online material available through UIC Library, go to http://researchguides.uic.edu/arthistory.


What role did paintings play in the societies of ancient civilizations?

Price, S. (2001). Primitive art in civilized places. University of Chicago Press.

Kemp, B. J. (2007). Ancient Egypt: anatomy of a civilisation. Routledge.


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