Why is creating alignment an important leadership function?

Why is creating alignment an important leadership function?

Using the required Written Assignment Template (see attached), answer the following questions:

Why is creating alignment an important leadership function? What are other methods of creating alignment? How can the use of measurements support their deployment?

NOTE: The paper should be a minimum of a three (3) pages in length (excluding the title page, reference page, and any appendices) and include at least three (3) peer-reviewed, scholarly references.

APA style (6th edition).

Please follow the below:

Cleggism #1: Unless otherwise indicated, always write in third-person, never in first-person.
Cleggism #2: Unless otherwise indicated, always write objectively, never subjectively (now, if the assignment calls for the your personal perspective/insight/belief, then it’s okay to write subjectively – even in first-person – but you still need to back up your perspective with objective research to support said perspective/insight/belief).
Cleggism #3: Always use peer-reviewed, scholarly sources (remember … Wikipedia is not a scholarly source of information).
Cleggism #4: Always give credit where credit is due (it doesn’t matter if you’re using information obtained from a published article in Healthcare Executive or something about cholesterol in a brochure from the American Heart Association, it needs to be credited accordingly).
Cleggism #5: Avoid the use of direct quotes; instead, synthesize what you’ve read and put it into your own words.




Solution Preview

It is apparent that the level of success and growth in Organizations is directly correlated to the quality of leadership in these Organizations. Apparently, when people work together in unity and oneness, they do exploits. For such success to be achieved, the leadership in these Organizations must be splendid. This is done through creating alignment which entails joining and bringing people together thus operating like one force. As such, leaders who advocate for growth and success in their leadership cycles always create alignment to ensure that duties are allocated in the right manner and achieved as anticipated. Basically, alignment in leadership is a process with the motive of enhancing performance in Organizations. To this extent, therefore, this paper seeks, to discuss the significance of creating alignment in leadership, explore various methods of creating alignment and finally discuss how measurements support deployment.

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