William morris

William morris

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William Morris

            William Morris’s artistic designs for wallpaper, fabrics, and other decorative artworks had a significant impact on the Victorian taste and played a vital role in the onset and development of Arts and Craft Movement in England in the 19th century. Morris was born on March 24, 1834 in Walthamstow, Essex, England. He was born into a wealth middle-class family as his father was a financier who worked for the Sanderson & Co. firm in London. His mother, Emma Morris, was a descendant of an affluent bourgeois family from Worcester. Morris was the third surviving child of his parents after their first child, Charles who was born in 1827, had died four days after his birth. Morris’s family background played an essential role in his growth and schooling as his parents had sufficient resources to take to him to the best schools in England.

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