For each Short-Answer and Essay question you MUST cite the lecture and/or textbook.

For each Short-Answer and Essay question you MUST cite the lecture and/or textbook.

Final Exam: West and the World HST 103

(READ THIS FIRST!!!) Instructions for the whole exam:

For each Short-Answer and Essay question you MUST cite the lecture and/or textbook. Other sources cannot be used. If you do not cite either (or both) of them, you will get NO points for the question. Your final exam must be in times new Roman 12-point fonts, double-spaced paragraphs. You must use the proper citation formatting and make sure that you proofread your exam. Please submit your exam to Isidore when you are finished. The paper will be due between 5.4 to 5/8 (cutoff is 7pm on the 8th).

Short-Answer Questions:
Please answer all of the short-answer questions with a few sentences to a paragraph. They are each worth 1 point each.

First World War
Short: Where did the Germans defeat the Russians in 1914?
Short: Where did the Ottomans defeat the British in 1915?
Short: Why did the United States get involved in WW1?
Short: Where did the Americans defeat the Germans in 1918?
Short: What was “Offense a la Outrance?”

The Rise of Fascist Europe
Short: How did Hitler eliminate political rivals in the Nazi party?
Short: Why did Dr. Bieber call the 1920s a “Mutilated Victory?”
Short: What myths are there about fascism?
Short: Fascism borrows from the political right and left. How?
Short: What was the role of the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda?

Lenin, Stalin, and the Soviet Union
Short: What did the Soviet people get as a reward for succeeding in the first Five-Year Plan?
Short: Who ruled the Soviet Union after Lenin died in 1924?
Short: Why was Lenin a Pragmatic Realist?
Short: What was Lenin’s plan for “War Communism?”
Short: Why did Stalin want to get rid of the Red Army’s leadership?

Rise of Fascist Japan
Short: After the Washington Naval Conference, Japan couldn’t build battleships. What did they build instead?
Short: What is the National Mobilization Law?
Short: What did Japan do after invading Manchuria in 1931?
Short: Why was Hirohito a stronger Emperor than Taisho?
Short: What was the “Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?”
East to 1945 and Asia to 1945
Short: What was the Balfour Declaration?
Short: What was the White Paper of 1939?
Short: Who ran the Kuomintang?
Short: Who fought the Chinese Civil War?
Short: What was the Lucknow Pact?

The Second World War: Europe and Holocaust
Short: What was the Maginot Line?
Short: What was Blitzkrieg?
Short: What was the Wannsee Conference?
Short: What were the Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunals?
Short: What is Lebensraum?

The Second World War: Pacific
Short: What was Operation Downfall?
Short: What was “Island Hopping?”
Short: Why did the Pacific War become a Carrier War?
Short: What is the Bataan Death March?
Short: When did America’s economy surpass Japan’s in WW2?

Asia After 1945 and Communist China
Short: With no military budget, what did Postwar Japan do instead?
Short: How does Mao win the Chinese Civil War?
Short: What was the 1 Child Law in China? Why wouldn’t that work in Taiwan or the US?
Short: Why did Jinnah’s Indian Muslim League break with Gandhi’s Indian National Congress after 1940?
Short: What was the “domino theory” and Vietnam?

The Middle East After 1945
Short: What was the 1947 UN Partition Plan?
Short: Why did the 1993 Oslo Accords fail?
Short: Who took power during the Iranian Revolution?
Short: How did the Oil Embargo of 1973 make the Middle East rich?
Short: What happened when Saddam Hussein tried to take power in the Middle East after 1990?

Europe in the Cold War
Short: Why did Eastern Europe stagnate by the 1970s?
Short: Why was the Marshall Plan important to western Europe?
Short: What was Reagan’s goal with Strategic Defense Initiative?
Short: What was the Truman Doctrine?
Short: What was the role of NATO during the Cold War?

Bonus Questions:

What is Dr. Bieber’s Favorite movie?

Where would Dr. Bieber go back in time?

Please choose 1 questionfrom each section and write 1-2 paragraphs for it. They are each worth 5 points:

The First World War
Long: How did the Assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand impact Europe in 1914?
Long: What was the Schlieffen Plan?
Long: What happened at the Somme in 1916?
Long: What was the impact of the German stormtroopers in 1918?

Rise of Fascist Europe
Long: How did the Nazis take power from 1930-1933?
Long: What was the result of the anti-war movements of the 1920s and 1930s?
Long: Why was Weimar Germany stillborn?
Long: What was the role of the Sturmabteilung (SA)?

Lenin, Stalin, and the Soviet Union
Long: Why was Soviet Collectivization a failure?
Long: Why were the Great Purges bad for Russia?
Long: Why was being a General Secretary important for Stalin?
Long: After the Soviets won the Civil War, why didn’t they turn power over to the farmers/people?

Rise of Fascist Japan
Long Why did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
Long: Why did the Rape of Nanjing happen in 1938?
Long: Why was the 2nd Sino-Japanese War a mistake for Japan?
Long: Dr. Bieber said that Japan had the “victory disease” from 1895-1941. Why?

Asia and Middle East to 1945
Long: Why did Mao conduct the Long March?
Long: How did Jews emigrate to “Palestine” under Ottoman and British rule?
Long: Why was it easy for Jews and Arabs to become radicalized in British “Palestine?”
Long: What was the result of the Salt March of 1939?

The Second World War: Europe and the Holocaust
Long: Why did Hitler invade the Soviet Union in 1941?
Long: What was the value of the Air War over Europe for the Allies?
Long: How did Hitler micromanage his war effort?
Long: What was the (Big Three) Allied Plan for WW2?
The Second World War: Pacific
Long: What was Japan’s plan after Pearl Harbor?
Long: What was Japans plan after Midway?
Long: What happened to Japan during the air war over Japan?
Long: Why did it take so long for Japan to surrender even after Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

Asia Since 1945 and Communist China
Long: Why did America win and lose the Vietnam War?
Long: Dr. Bieber says Communist China lost part of their language in the Cultural Revolution (while Taiwan) did not. Why?
Long Why did China ally with the United States in the 1970s?
Long: Who won the Korean War?

Middle East Since 1945
Long: How did Al Qaeda rise in the 1980s and 1990s?
Long: Why did Arab states like Egypt make peace with Israel after 1978?
Long: How has modernity shaped the Middle East positively and negatively?
Long: How did Israel triple its size since 1948?

Europe and the Cold War
Long: What role did President Reagan play in ending Communism?
Long: How did Communism in Eastern Europe Fall?
Long: What role did Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II play in resisting Communism?
Long: How did Perestroika and Glasnost undermine the Soviet Union?

Image preview for each Short-Answer and Essay question you MUST cite the lecture and/or textbook.

For each Short-Answer and Essay question you MUST cite the lecture and or textbook.


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