Write a report on the location of Coca Cola company

Write a report on the location of Coca Cola company

Write a 2 page report on coca colas Location Analysis of the company (corporate headquarters, the main branch stores, new facility development, location issues)should be at least 2 pages in length, typed , double-spaced with numbered pages. For each topical area included in your analysis you need to demonstrate that you incorporated and conducted an intensive information search and/or field study. It is required that you use at least 3 different references (each member) (a company’s Web Site represents 1 entry). Remember, the research is to support your analysis, it should not be you analyzing the research.




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Report on Coca-Cola’s Location

            The Coca Cola Company was established on May 8, 1886 in Atlanta Georgia, United States. It is the global leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor on non-alcoholic syrups and beverages. The firm has over 400 brands in the market that have enabled it to maintain its dominance in the beverage industry as it operates in 200 nations. Coca-Cola’s success has been attributed to several factors including its secretive product formula and aggressive marketing campaigns. Strategic location of Coca-Cola’s corporate headquarters, the main branch stores, and new facility development, has also played a crucial role to the company’s success.

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