Write an article where physical security failed

Write an article where physical security failed


  • Submit a review of an article where physical security failed
  • Propose a possible change in that organization’s physical security that could have prevented the breach/failure for that scenario
  • Submit at least 3 pages
  • No photos or graphs
  • Reference all sources used




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Physical security are the security measures that are put in place to prevent unauthorized personnel from getting access to a property, facility, people or assets. It is important because it prevents events that may cause harm or loss and keeps your assets safe from any threat. Physical security includes detection of invaders and handling the threats. It is the very first concern in amenities with a lot of assets particularly that used in serious systems for various business developments. Physical security allows proper functioning of systems and facilities and prevents anything that could hamper their function which includes unforeseen accidents and natural calamities. To this extent, therefore, this paper seeks to discuss and explore the article on the basic security threats faced by various Organizations and give recommendations on how the Organizations can change their physical securities.

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