write an essay about 1 and half papes

write an essay about 1 and half papes

The Franks, the Mongols, the Umayyads, the Abbasids, the Aztecs, and the Song all created state

systems to develop and control the economic, social, and political developments within their domains.

Using two of the states above, compare how they established and maintained their rule. Did they share

any particular challenges? Religious? Ethnic? Linguistic? How did they differ? Why did they ultimately

lose power?




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There are several past political systems in the world that developed institutions that laid the basis for modern political governance. Some of these people include the Mongols, the Franks, the Abbasids, the Aztecs, the Song, and the Umayyads. Each of these groups of people created state systems that were meant to control some of the political, economic, and social institutions that were in place in their jurisdictions and domains. The Mongols ruled over the Mongol Empire between the 13th and 14th centuries (May, 2018). The empire gradually grew to areas in Eastern Europe, the Sea of Japan, and even parts of Central Europe. One of the major reasons that the Mongols were very powerful and had control of new regions was due to their military prowess.

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