Write an essay about AL-MADINA AL-MUNAWARAH

Write an essay about AL-MADINA AL-MUNAWARAH

I have an assignment writing 7 pages about international culture. All the information that you need you will see it in the files and how is the steps of doing the assignment. I choose AL-MADINA AL-MUNAWARAH (my hometown) in Saudi Arabia to talk about it in this assignment please talk about (+Ramadan and Eid in AL-MADINA AL-MUNAWARAH And also History of the city and the mountains story like Uhad mountain ) if you need more information about that tell me. So these some References is helpful to get info from it : https://www.isesco.org.ma/blog/2015/06/11/al-madinah-al-munawarrah-kingdom-of-saudi-arabia-as-islamic-culture-capital-of-the-arab-region-for-2013/

https://www.sauditourism.sa/en/aboutKSA/Regions/Madina/Pages/default.aspx in this website you’ll find atraction sites like Baqi Algharaqd and mention traditional food and dress also Madina and its surrounding areas. And museums.

Also this a story of one of the famous mountain it’s Uhud Mountain:


this’s Harrat Rahat volcano : https://www.volcanodiscovery.com/harrat_rahat.html

Also please don’t forget to provide the map that shown where’s AL-MADINA AL-MUNAWARAH by specifically and clearly picture.

Please follow the steps that I provide it to you in the file




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It is paramount that there are thousands of cultures in the world and that each human being is affiliated to a certain or specific group of people. These groups of people have their customs and taboos that they follow. Apparently, customs and taboos are passed from one generation to the other since time immemorial.  This is the beauty about the world. The study of international culture allows one to learn more about the customs of other people in the world. To this extent, therefore, this paper seeks to explore the city of Al-Madina Al-Munawarah and discuss the history of the City, the culture of the people living in the City, the natural resources found in the City, the hazards and other disasters that might have affected the City and the Climatic conditions of the City among others (Bixler, Wald, Ogden, Leong, Johnston & Romolini, 2016).

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