Write an MLA essay how to be a good student

Write an MLA essay how to be a good student

I have finished 3 pages already. I need 2 more pages and 2 more resources that follow to my essay. Also I need you to fix my essay too.

please find 2 more resources and complete my essay on time. Thank you.

essay description 2 pages, Double Spacing
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How to be a good student

               At the beginning of every year, every person sets some resolutions which they wish to fulfill in that year. The decisions are the one that results in the self-development of an individual. At the middle or end of the year, a person gauges the recommendation that they have achieved and those that they have not succeeded. I have several things in my bucket list planned out in the next 12 months. One of that goal is being a good student. Nonetheless, this meant that I strive to be a good English speaker, listener, and score good grades. Therefore, to reach my goals, there are different things that I have to do from now on.

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