• Student will submit a 2 page paper. (2 points)
  • Student will identify an article or CEU
    • The first article will relate to practice-related self-care and activities designed to promote health, restore wellness, and prevent illness. (1 point)
    • The second article or CEU, will relate to the promotion of holistic care (physical, mental, social, and spiritual health) of diverse populations. (1 point)
    • Provide a written review of each of the two articles or CEUs. 4 (2 points for each article/CEU)
    • Discuss how the nurse leader can play a role and promote self-care and holistic care and how you can use this information in your practice. (5 points) (APA format as you would list in a reference list)
  • Student will use professional/technical writing. (3 points)

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