Writing question

Writing question

What genres do they publish?

One of the goals of this class is to introduce you to the variety and diversity of writing happening today, and a particularly effective way to do that is to explore different literary journals being published today. It’s exciting stuff, folks: I hope you agree! Also, keep in mind that at the end of the semester you’ll write a literary journal report on the literary journal of your choosing. You can choose from any of the journals that we cover and will also have a choice to write about one of many more.

1) For our first literary journal of the semester we’ll focus on, Frontier Poetry: https://www.frontierpoetry.com

Please take some time exploring the site–all of the journals we look at will be organized and presented in different ways. Then answer the following questions:

2) Can you tell who publishes it? (School, independent institution, etc.)

3) What genres do they publish? (Fiction, poetry, nonfiction, etc.) (Look up “genre” if you need a refresher on that term)

4) Is this purely an online journal or is it also a print publication?

5) Who is the editor-in-chief?

6) Is there an “About” section that tells you about the journal’s mission and ambitions? If so, describe! What do we learn about what this journal hopes to accomplish?

7) Then, after reading around a bit, pick a poem–any poem you like–from the table of contents and answer the following questions:

a) Author/title?

b) How would you describe the style of the poem?

c) With what subject/s does this poem engage? What is it trying to say about that subject/those subjects?

d) Where do you feel the most tension in the poem?

e) What do we know about the author from the contributor notes?

8) Overall, how would you characterize the style of the journal and who do you think this journal hopes to target as their audience?

Answer preview what genres do they publish?


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