writing sociology

writing sociology

I would like to solve these question with the use of the textbook please make sure to use the text book as the one and only source

Textbook name : Sociology the essentials

please note that i’m an international student and my english is 6/10.

the answers should not be an essay answer each one separately. each answer under it’s quesiton.

the number of pages does not matter as long as you answering the question








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Question 1
Media log
06:00hrs-08:00hrs Spent one and a half hours watching television
08:00hrs-12:00hrs Spent two hours on the internet browsing on Facebook and Instagram
12:00hrs-15:00hrs Spent thirty minutes listening radio
15:00hrs-19:00hrs Spent two hours reading a book
19:00hrs-06:00hrs Spent on hour on the internet and three hours watching television
06:00hrs-12:00hrs Spent three hours using smart phone and two hours on the internet
12:00hrs-14:00hrs Spent one hour listening to music
14:00hrs-18:00hrs Spent three hours viewing films and one hour on the internet
18:00hrs-21:00hrs Spent one hour watching television
21:00hrs-23:00hrs Spent thirty minutes on the internet
23:00hrs-07:00hrs Spent one hour listening to music

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