Writing the Mission and Vision Statements

 Writing the Mission and Vision Statements

Details: Review the following videos:

· How to Write a Mission Statement

· How to Write a Vision Statement

Through research from sources provided in the course and from academic and scholarly resources outside of the course, evaluate and discuss the following elements:

1. Discuss the elements of the mission and vision statements and their importance to new entrepreneurial ventures

2. Develop a mission and vision statement for a new technology venture.

3. Include a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative in each statement.

Make sure that your paper is formatted using the APA style template. It should contain a title page, abstract, body, conclusion, and reference section. The paper should be between 750 – 1000 words long (the title page, abstract, and references section are not counted toward the word requirement).

Make sure your paper includes:

· At least three references from outside the course material. You may use the supplemental readings in the week for your references. References must come from academic and scholarly journals or essays found in EBSCOhost, major news outlets, and government websites. You should not include sources such as Wikis, Yahoo Answers, eHow, and blogs.

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