writting assignment

writting assignment

In your future career, you will have to read other people’s memos, and decide on a course of action. We will (a) read a memo and (b) evaluate its effectiveness, and (c) consider how to address a communication problem in the workplace.

1. Read page 13, Exercise #2. Read the following prompts:

(a). Using the information from reading the chapter, think about how you would evaluate the memo on p. 14 (Figure 1-1), by answering the two questions on p. 13, exercise 2.
(b). Think back to the video parody, “How Engineers and Managers Communicate.” Provide an evaluation of the video, using the six qualities of good technical writing in chapter 1, p. 8. What qualities could the project team at WonderChips have used in either peer-to-peer discussions, presentations, or project team meetings?

2. Write a memo to me, Dr. Dallas, evaluating the memo on p. 14, and evaluating the video parody, using the prompts above. Respond in one memorandum.

3. Open MS Word, select a blank document (do not use a template!), and write your response in a memo of 200 to 300 words. Use the format of the memo in the chapter, p. 9 (Case Document 1-1A), where instead of listing summaries you will provide evaluations.

4. Make sure to single-space your document. Check the Paragraph menu for Before & Afterspacing, and Line spacing

that’s all stuff I already sent to you. page8,9,13,14 in the photos and video in the link

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Writing Assignment

DATE: 15th May, 2019

TO: Instructor

From: Student’s Name

Subject: Response

Memos are important tools in any workplace that are used for communication between the company and its employees. The management uses memos to disseminate information that would otherwise not be easily disseminated to all employees.


Subject and Purpose

The purpose of this memo is to conduct two exercises as detailed in the assignment. The first is to conduct an assessment of some of the communications that take place in one of the chosen companies in the given list.

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