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  1. Understanding calculations is an important aspect of research. It is also important to understand how to complete the standard calculations used in research. In this assignment, you are provided a Calculating Statistics spreadsheet with data for you to do calculations. Use the textbook and find each calculation for the various categories of crime listed in the worksheet.
    Complete the calculations in the spreadsheet.
    Write a 525-word summary in which you explain the importance of obtaining and calculating data when working to implement a new program or policy.

Assignment Two:

Assignment Content

  1. Your team is with Metro City Police Department’s newly established crime prevention unit. You (as a team) have been tasked with assisting the new Chief of Police in his proactive policing efforts. The purpose of the survey is so that the chief can use the collected data to compare it with actual calls for service in order to develop a comprehensive media campaign that balances public perception and statistical reality.
    Design a survey that could be used city-wide in an effort to ascertain what citizens consider the most frequent crimes in their areas. The survey should be one to two pages with a minimum of 15 to 20 questions. The verbiage and design should be such that it can be used by any person with or without a formal education. Include visuals. Be creative but ensure your survey will collect the necessary data.

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