Week One Discussion 1

The purpose of a Discussion is to foster a conversation among students for everyone to gain a deeper appreciation for the course content.

Each week contains multiple Discussions that you are required to address. Post your weekly contributions commenting on the key issues and also comment on contributions of your colleagues.

  • A minimum of THREE posts are required for each Discussion
    • Submit your original post by Wednesday, 11:59pm Pacific Time (PT)
    • Write at least TWO peer reviews by Sunday, 11:59pm PT
    • Read each reply that you receive and respond accordingly (even if just a Thank You)

Contributions must display original thinking and good knowledge of the subject matter, including links and references to sources used to back up your arguments.

  1. Every post must be a substantial contribution. A substantial contribution is a post that adds value to the conversation by providing relevant views or a personal experience. A point of view from an authority on the subject is also a substantial contribution. Depth into the topic is critical for a successful Discussion!
  2. Every peer review (i.e. “reply”) must also be a substantial contribution. Reviews should support the positive aspects of the original post as well as provide constructive criticism of areas that you believe were lacking.
    • Postings such as: I agree with Joe, ……… and repeating what Joe (or you) has already said…are not substantial contributions and do not add value to the Discussion. This person is simply using someone else’s contribution, not her/his own. If you agree with someone, explain why and provide new information. (Don’t forget to provide at least some constructive criticism too!)
  3. Provide links and references of resources used. Expert sources add credibility to your statements and provide new views on the subject. Provide facts and quantitative information such as figures (numbers), statistics, charts, graphs, to justify your arguments, as appropriate.
  4. This is a business course. Always use professional business language.

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Thinking back to the topic of SERVQUAL, explain what the dimension around “Assurance” is attempting to gauge. Which “real life” service oriented company do you believe has a strong sense of Assurance? Make sure you explain your rationale.

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