Discussion Board #8

1/To what extent has the American role in the world changed or not changed since the end of the Cold War?

2/What are the key social, economic, and political problems facing the United States today?

Part One -Please submits a thoughtful response to at least ONE of the questions listed above. Each response should be at least one substantial paragraph, which includes specific details and historical evidence. Please be sure to use your own words – don’t just copy material from the textbook or some other source.

Part Two-In a SEPARATE post please indicate FIRST what interested you the most about this week’s topic and SECOND a question for other students to answer about something that confused you or something you want to know more about.

Part three -Answer classmates’ by responding to their question from last week. This may require you to do a little research. However, don’t just post a link. You should respond with a small substantial paragraph in your own words and where possible you should offer details and specific historical evidence.

Here is last week post and the question that need a response;

What interested me most about this week’s topic was how much the social structure of the country changed, especially civil rights. Slavery had been abolished long before but it took a very long time to see these positive changes to come about.

My question for the class is: If it weren’t for the Cold War going on, do you think these changes would have happened as fast as they did or even at all, or would we still be a racist, segregated nation?





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America Post Cold War

Part One

The United States has not experienced much change in its world role since the end of the cold war. During the war, the country tool a lead position in helping advance the capitalist interest, hence the position as the primary adversary to the Soviet Union’s communism. As part of proxy walls and in advancing its policy towards helping countries and groups that wished to disassociate themselves with communism, the United States saw a significant number of American troops shipped off to foreign countries to fight in wars that the country may not have had a direct interest.

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