Health insurance and parity in cost-sharing requirements for breast examinations

Health insurance and parity in cost-sharing requirements for breast examinations Write half a page on the topic “Health insurance and parity in cost-sharing requirements for breast examinations”  and half a page on “Mental Health Parity Act“ Answer Preview APA Format, 427 words

Developmental Trauma

Developmental Trauma Topic:Details: What would be three indicators family therapy should be considered? What are three red flags or reasons why family therapy should not be attempted? Answer Preview APA Format, 454 words

Developmental Trauma 2

Developmental Trauma 2 Topic:Details: List three techniques you can use in family therapy to help the child/adolescent share their negative experiences/feelings stemming from trauma with their caregiver(s) Answer Preview APA Format, 406 words


DISCOVERING YOUR FEARS AND ANXIETY ABOUT RESEARCH Every field and discipline of study is different in some way. It also means that every field/discipline of study has a different approach to research and data collection reflecting the nuances of the subject matter. Each method can be daunting to understand, especially to the uninitiated in that … Read more


OPERANT CONDITIONING For this Discussion, you will analyze the fundamental principles of operant conditioning and how it has impacted your life. Additionally, you analyze how behavioral psychological theory (e.g., antecedents, reinforcements, punishment) is applied to condition behavior. As you read this week’s Learning Resources, try to identify times in your life when operant conditioning clearly … Read more

Cross-Cultural Research Paper

Cross-Cultural Research Paper Explain the value of cross-cultural research, in general.Summarize the research design.Summarize the findings from the research.Evaluate its conclusion.Discuss the applicability of the research.Discuss if the study adequately handled the different cultures without bias. Answer Preview APA Format, 1041 words

Discussion Board

Discussion Board Review the following short paragraph on a hypothetical paper about cybersecurity andthe Internet of Things. Note that the writer has made some errors in his integration ofShindell as a source.  Identify at least two errors, and describe what the errors are in one or twosentences.  Answer Preview APA Format, 745 words


ETHICAL AND LEGAL IMPLICATIONS OF PRESCRIBING DRUGS What type of drug should you prescribe based on your patient’s diagnosis? How much of the drug should the patient receive? How often should the drug be administered? When should the drug not be prescribed? Are there individual patient factors that could create complications when taking the drug? … Read more

Developmental Trauma discussion 

Developmental Trauma discussion   Why is it important for at-risk children and/or adolescents to have someone to confide in? What are some organizations that help with this and what does the research show in regard to risk factors and resiliency? Answer Preview APA Format, 392 words

Current Issues Response Discussion

Current Issues Response Discussion The national healthcare issue/stressor selected for analysis is the nursing shortage. The nursingshortage is an ongoing issue affecting healthcare delivery in the United States for decades. By2022, the U.S. will have a shortage of over 1 million registered nurses (RN). The nursingshortage has been linked to factors such as an aging … Read more

Cystic Fibrosis Case Scenario

Cystic Fibrosis Case Scenario A mother brings her 6-month-old daughter to the HCP to evaluate for possible colic. The mothersays the baby has had many episodes of crying after eating and is not gaining weight despite having agood appetite. The mother says the baby’s belly “gets all swollen sometimes.” The mother says the babytastes “salty” … Read more


response  Georgia state requirements for the scope of practice authority for APRNs include current active licensure as a registered professional nurse and an official transcript that verifies a master’s degree or higher in nursing for the different nurse practitioner specialties. The state of Georgia is one of the restricted states in the US where the … Read more

The Persistence of Memory

The Persistence of Memory For this assignment, choose a work of art that made an impression on you during thiscourse. Then, address the following: Include an image of or link to the work. Identify the artist, the title, date completed, and the medium. Explain how learning about the work will help you in your life … Read more

Peer Comment

Peer Comment Georgia state requirements for the scope of practice authority for APRNs include current active licensure as a registered professional nurse and an official transcript that verifies a master’s degree or higher in nursing for the different nurse practitioner specialties. The state of Georgia is one of the restricted states in the US where … Read more

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Strategies The goal of this written research report is for you to express sound and succinct analysis of two brand management issues grounded in personal views and quality research. Answer Preview APA Format, 1185 words

Aging Myths

Aging Myths What are some aging myths or stereotypes? Provide at least one specific example. Links, images, or additional documents are good to include.Do your grandparents or other older people around you fit these stereotypes?“Old” conveys strong, mostly negative impressions. How might these attitudes about “old” affect one’s attitudes about growing old? About being with … Read more

Discussion Question

Discussion Question This is another assignment to complete. Below you can see the titles for Unit 2 and Unit 3 and I need 1 page two paragraphs. Unit 2 of your textbook about “The Law of Agency”Unit 3 of your textbook about the “Duties and Responsibilities of Licensees“All of you should read the discussion questions … Read more


 Discussion  As you prepare to write the Six-Source Essay (WA #3), you might return to your AnnotatedBibliography (WA #1) for material and inspiration. Looking over the sample annotatedbibliography and sample six-source essay can be instructive. As noted, these essays aren’tperfect. The writer is still working to synthesize the sources. However, the Six-Source Essayadds some new … Read more

Publicly traded firm

Publicly traded firm  Using your Wall Street Journal subscription, select an article about any publicly traded firm that enjoys a large shareholder base. How has the company incorporated ethics into the financial management practices? Discuss what challenges the firm has encountered (or is likely to encounter) and how they have sustained ethical practices despite internal … Read more

Supply and Demand

Supply and Demand Crude oil prices are determined by global supply and demand. Economic growth is one of the biggest factors affecting petroleum product, and, therefore, crude oil demand. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, growing economies increase demand for energy in general and especially for transporting goods and materials from producers to consumers. The … Read more

Marketing Research

Marketing Research Companies who want to grow their markets rely on market research to help determine consumer behavior and the most likely new potential marketplaces. Some companies design and conduct their own market research (primary research) while others choose to utilize data from existing market research conducted by other firms (secondary research). Answer Preview APA … Read more

Your Dream Vacation Survey

Your Dream Vacation Survey Picture it, you just graduated and earned your degree from Post University! To celebrate this achievement and the hard work you put in, you have decided to treat your closest friends and family to an awesome vacation. You are trying to decide where to take the group on your celebratory vacation … Read more

Discussion Industrialists

Discussion Industrialists What are the positives and negatives associated with the major industrialists of the late 19th century? Are they unfairly criticized for the way they conducted business? Does their tremendous giving to charity compensate for any of their methods of attaining wealth? Answer Preview APA Format, 373 words


Assignment Corax (the teacher) and his private student, Tisias were reputedly the first Sophists. Like many young men with an appetite for the worldly success, Tisias sought training from Corax in the hope of being able to become wealthy by practicing the art of rhetoric/ persuasion in courts (like to become a  lawyer). Wishing to … Read more


Assignment Answer the following questions and then read the Aging and Stereotypes document. You should write approximately 3-5 paragraphs for this assignment. What are some aging myths or stereotypes? Provide at least one specific example. Links, images, or additional documents are good to include.Do your grandparents or other older people around you fit these stereotypes?“Old” … Read more

Discussion Drug Policies

Discussion Drug Policies Briefly define each of these terms as applies to the debate on drug policy and describe the differences between legalization, prohibition, decriminalization, and harm reduction. Note the pros and cons of each approach. Answer Preview APA Format, 694 words

Interprof Org & Sys Leadership

Interprof Org & Sys Leadership In this module’s Discussion, you reviewed some healthcare issues/stressors and selected onefor further review. For this Assignment, you will consider in more detail the healthcareissue/stressor you selected. You will also review research that addresses the issue/stressor andwrite a white paper to your organization’s leadership that addresses the issue/stressor youselected. Answer … Read more

Discussion 2

Discussion 2 Select at least one of the T.V. shows or movies from the Recommended Viewing List you were given last week, containing law-related shows and movies. Pick at least one movie or show and watch it (if you selected a show, you will need to watch at least 3 episodes).  My personal favorite from … Read more


PHILOSOPHICAL ASSUMPTIONS The behavior of the scientists of applied behavior analysis is characterized by a set of philosophical assumptions and attitudes of science. They guide the work of the behavior analyst, including their investigations, strategic approaches, and interpretations of findings. For this Discussion, you will analyze six assumptions and attitudes of behavior analysis discussed in … Read more

Graded Discussion

Graded Discussion You are buying your first home and your real estate agent asks you how you intend to “hold” your property. Of the various forms of property ownership you learned about in the readings (i.e. fee simple, defeasible fee, life estate, etc.), what type of property ownership would you likely choose and why? (You … Read more


discussions For this week’s discussion assignment, describe an arbitration clause or arbitration contract you have signed.  Explain whether you realized you were giving up your right to go to court at the time you signed it. If you did, discuss why you chose to give up your right to sue whoever asked you to sign … Read more

English Assignment

English Assignment An American professional auto racing driver N. L., who was a seven-time NASCAR CUP Series Champion, miraculously survived when his car suddenly burst into flames in the midst of the racing track. When the car of the fearless and precise racer lost its control and spun into the barriers, it was clear that … Read more

Developmental trauma

Developmental trauma Topic:Details: How can believing in God, participating in religion, or being spiritual be a protective factor for child/adolescents, and/or family? Answer Preview APA Format, 317 words


STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP Discussion Question 1: Over time rivals use their resources, capabilities, and core resources toform different value-creating propositions. Discuss why competitive advantages are not permanently sustainable. Explain why firms must maximize their current competitive advantage while simultaneously using their resources and capabilities to form new advantages. Include in your response how Luke 14:28-30 guides … Read more

Discussion Question 2

Discussion Question 2 Value chain analyses is used to identify and evaluate the competitive potential of a firm’s resources. Firms consider outsourcing when they cannot create value in a value chain activity or a support function. Discuss value chain analysis activity and the considerations for outsourcing. Answer Preview APA Format, 346 words

Case Study

Case Study Develop 1- to 2-page case study analysis in which you:• Introduction an overview of the assignment• Explain why you think the patient presented the symptoms described.• Identify the genes that may be associated with the development of the disease.• Explain the process of immunosuppression and the effect it has on body systems• Conclusion … Read more

Constructing an Argument

Constructing an Argument  Study chapter 6 pages 200-205 of your text: Constructing an Argument.Select a topic and construct an argument using the eight steps listed on page 205 (as discussed on pages 200-205).Make sure it meets the Guidelines for Evaluating an Argument mentioned on page 198 of your text.*I suggest you select a topic that … Read more

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 After completing the chapter readings, please answer 4 of the questions posed in the Exercisesection on page 171. You can pick any 4. Your answers should be personal but also relative tothe readings. Post your response to the above in the Discussion Board (250 words minimum). Do notforget to cite the text book.  * Reply … Read more

Discussion costing

Discussion costing You learned about job order costing and activity-based costing. Each method deals with manufacturing overhead in a different way. There are various implications with how costing is done. The following items will help stretch your thinking a bit. This question will help the students to understand why they need to study accounting. Question … Read more

Theory and Family Assessment

Theory and Family Assessment Explain why it is important to use theory in family therapy. How does theory help social workers understand and assess a family?Apply systems theory and a developmental perspective to the Hernandez family. How would this perspective inform your assessment?Select a validated assessment tool from the Van Hook chapter that you would … Read more

Discussion Question 1

Discussion Question 1 Discussion Question 1: Customers are the foundation of successful business-level strategy. Discuss a firm’s three customer considerations—who, what, and how. These issues refer to the customer groups to be served. Answer Preview APA Format, 393 words


RESEARCH QUESTION Karen is a director of human resources at a mid-size company. Her team has been exploring causes of turnover for new employees—employees that start with the company but leave within a year. Some of the research questions she and her team have developed include: What training and advancement opportunities might encourage employees to … Read more

Discussion Question 

Discussion Question  Achieving a healthy work-life balance is important for both your physical and mental well-being. It is, however, very challenging to strike the right balance between your career goalsand your life outside of work. One effective way to figure out if you’re striking the work-lifebalance is to make sure you are asking yourself the … Read more

Pediatric RUA Ethical Dilemma

Pediatric RUA Ethical Dilemma For this assignment, you will examine an ethical dilemma that exists in pediatric settings. You will examine the ethicaldilemma from two opposing positions and consider ethical principles, conflict between the principles and the relationshipof the ANA Code of Ethic’s provisions in relation to both positions. You will also discuss potential resources, … Read more


Reflection Here is a list of things you should know by now, Answer Preview APA Format, 329 words

Financial Ratios

Financial Ratios Financial ratios are essential to provide an accurate valuation of a firm. Select a publicly traded firm of your choice. Select one ratio each in the areas of (a) performance, (b) activity, (c) financing, and (d) liquidity warnings. Provide an evaluation of the selected firm’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the ratios you … Read more

Nursing assignment

Nursing assignment In your initial discussion post, answer the questions related to the case scenario and support your response with at least one evidence-based reference.Provides a minimum of two responses weekly on separate days; e.g., replies to a post from a peer; AND faculty member’s question; OR two peers if no faculty question using appropriate … Read more


BEHAVIORISM One skill of an applied behavior analyst is collaborating to identify negative behaviors an individual is exhibiting and then developing treatments for those behaviors (e.g., strategies, interventions, etc.) to help them change the behaviors and derive improved outcomes for themselves. Radical behaviorism posits there is a science of behavior that has shown the environment … Read more


PARSIMONY  For this week’s Discussion, you examined a common set of assumptions characterizing the behavior of behavior analysts. One of those assumptions is the Law of Parsimony. The history and etymology of the word parsimony is from the Latin pars-, meaning “to act sparingly, be thrifty (with), refrain from” (Merriam-Webster, n.d.). By extension, the Law … Read more

Unit 3 discussion

Unit 3 discussion How have technology, natural, and cultural macro-environmental forces impacted Tesla?What can Zachary recommend in his report to adapt (a proactive approach) and hold off the competition with Tesla in the electric car market?We want to hear your opinions so please try to post more than the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM of 3 times in … Read more

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