Quality of Reasoning

Quality of Reasoning

Give an example of how the ability to think logically and to construct good arguments could help you in your career and in your daily life. In what ways the skill of being able to evaluate the quality of reasoning on all sides will better enable you to discover what is true and to make better choices? (Feel free to reference the specific area of life that you raised in your post your introduction in Week 1.)

Finally, consider the argument you have been developing for your writing assignments. How has fairly considering multiple points of view helped you clarify your own perspective? What advice would you give to people to help them understand issues more clearly and objectively while being fair to all sides? Feel free to comment on any other values you have gained from this course so far.

Your journal entry must be at least 250 words. You do not need to follow APA style for this journal entry, but you should proofread your work to eliminate errors of grammar and spelling.




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Quality of Reasoning
It is true that thinking logically helps a person typically construct a good argument. For an argument to be termed to be a good argument however it has to have certain elements. First, the argument must either be valid or strong with regards to the matter at hand. The argument must contain premises to mean the facts have to be true.

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