Transnational Feminisms – Annotated Bibliography

Transnational Feminisms – Annotated Bibliography

Research Requirement

This part of your project needs to include specific evidence (quotes, paraphrases) from at least five sources. You can use library research (books, journal articles, newspaper articles), Internet research (though be sure to evaluate all websites carefully for credibility), and field research (interviews with people who can provide you with important and credible information on this topic).

You will present your research in this Annotated Bibliography (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.before drafting your full project.




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Transnational Feminisms: Annotated Bibliography

Mendoza, B. (2002). Transnational feminisms in question. Feminist Theory, 3(3), 295-314.

In this research, Mendoza explores the concept of transnational feminism within the construct of globalization. According to her study, there are significant gaps between the outcomes from different feminism theories and the actual activities in which different women engage in the name of feminism movements. Consequently, the research will play a critical role in the study herein, introducing transnational feminist movements as a construct and achievement only possible due to the milestones achieved through globalization.

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