Week 8 – Alberto Cairo: Introduction to Data Visualization

Week 8 – Alberto Cairo: Introduction to Data Visualization

STEP 1: To begin our week about Data Visualization, watch this video keynote by Alberto Cairo, an expert in data visualization.


STEP 2: Review this stream of 10 data visualizations


from the news organization Axios from 2017 to get a sense of how these projects are being incorporated into the national news conversation in a variety of ways.

STEP 3: Once you have watched the video, respond to the following questions to create a study guide/summary notes of this video and your learning:

List each of the three facts that the speaker organizes his lecture around. For each fact, write a paragraph in your own words summarizing that section of the lecture and providing 2 examples or details that you learned from the video in that section.

1- What were the most interesting parts of the presentation, in your opinion?

2- From the Axios stream (see step 2 above), which data visualization was the most compelling to you. Why?

3- How can data visualization be used in digital marketing and analytics?


– MAKE SURE TO BE specific in your answer

– Make sure to organize your answer with heading title for each question.




Solution Preview

  1. The most interesting parts of the presentation

Well, I found the first part of the presentation where Alberto Cairo (the expert in data visualization) talks about or rather convince the audience on the three main facts of data visualization. He pointed out that one, data visualization is not magic, and two, anybody can learn how to do good visualization considering you applied certain principles and learn how to use certain tools and that three, visualization needs to be handled with great care to avoid misleading the public. 

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