2 summary in two case about juvenile delinquency

2 summary in two case about juvenile delinquency

bring two articles Summary on current juvenile justice events/issues/concerns from a newspaper, magazine, or professional journal USA. These articles should be attached to or copied onto an 8½ x 11 paper. The two summary is to have a written synopsis of the article (typed). prepare at least (2) two questions pertaining to the article.

Note: 200 words each, 4 summaries

follow the instructions

2 summary in two cases about juvenile delinquency. 200 each paper and 2 question each summary for discussion




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Juvenile Justice System: Events
According to Leticia Silot (2019), the current juvenile system, focusing on the incarceration of minors in juvenile halls is not at all effective in creating a change in behavior among the minors. In particular, her article presents a firsthand account of an individual experiences in the juvenile hall.

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