3 question

3 question

1.3 peer review

2.A video description (250 words), the video I have done well, imagine it is made by you.

3. a blog

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1. Triptych Peer Review


A memoir is a well-told story. Read back through the memoir and for each of the 3 parts, look for story elements:

remember that characterization can come through description of appearance or actions, but also through dialogue.
Write 2-3 sentences to the author to tell him/her which of the 3 parts you think contains the most effective use of story elements, and describe what you think is effective. Point to specific places in the memoir where you see effective use of story elements.

Write 2-3 sentences to the author to tell him/her which of the 3 parts you think contains the least effective use of story elements, and point to specific places where you think revision is needed (either something changed or something added). Provide some specific advice of what to do.


Using style is one of the things that makes our writing interesting to readers. Read back through the triptych and look for specific use of stylistic tactics we’ve been practicing:

parentheses to include details
italics for emphasis
long-short-long sentence variations to create emphasis
metaphors, similes, and figurative language
extensive use of modifiers
stringing several modifiers together before the noun instead of just one
longer sentences made up of several phrases, connected with commas
repetition with a purpose
Write 2-3 sentences to the author to tell him/her where you see the effective use of a stylistic tactic. Point to a specific excerpt and explain why you think it is effective here.

Write 2-3 sentences to the author to tell him/her where you think one of the stylistic tactics could be added in order to make the writing more interesting.


Look back through the triptych one last time, and look specifically for how the author has made connections between the 3 pieces. Can you see a deliberate and clear “glue” holding these pieces together? (the repetition of some element that goes through all 3).

Write 2-3 sentences to identify the tactics the author used to create cohesion. If you think that the cohesion tactics are effective, explain why. If you think they could be better, give specific advice on how to revise.

Video Production: A section of at least 2 paragraphs (250 words) that describes the process you went through to create the first draft of the video. this should be a longer section, with several details about how you did it. include specifics like what program you used and where you found your additional shots, sounds, or music. Discuss the challenges you faced and how you overcame them.
Here are my video links. The video is about a day in college. The pictures were taken at school.


PART 1: Andrew Stanton

Before you write this week’s blog, please watch this TEDtalk by Andrew Stanton. Before you watch, look him up (google his name) and learn something about him–remember, this is a good habit to get into–always know something about the author you’re about to read (whether it’s a written text or a multimedia one, like this):

The Clues to a Great Story (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Then answer these questions (write 1-2 paragraphs)

Who is Andrew Stanton–and why do you think he has the credentials to be a good authority on how to tell a good story? What specific advice did you learn from Stanton about storytelling that you should apply to your own memoirs when we begin revising them for the final portfolio? Be specific, and refer to specific things that Stanton says. You can view his TEDtalk as a written file if you look for the link (below where the video is on the TEDtalk page).

PART 2: Triptych Review

Write 1-2 paragraphs to:

Summarize the review advice you gave on the Triptych Memoir: Literacy Narrative. Who did you review? What did you think of their memoirs? What advice that you gave do you think was the most effective? What can you do to become a better reviewer in the future?
Discuss what you learned from the reviews given of your own Triptych Memoir. Using these reviews and the things you wrote about for Part 1 (what you learned about storytelling), if you decide to revise the Triptych for the final portfolio, what would your 3 main revision priorities be?





Solution Preview

Stylistics elements
Han-Yu Hsiao
There was very good characterization in part one of you and your friend Jenny. By the dialogue between you two, and the description of your interactions it was known to the reader the type of people you two were.
The use has use of direct characterization enables the reader to connect more with the story.
Fan Candra Xia
In part two there is good use of direct characterization as you get to tell the story in your own view what happens and therefore the reader gets to know you better .

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