A discussion board question from info tech policy class discussion

A discussion board question from info tech policy class discussion

After watching the Our Social Enterprise video in the Readings and Resource folder, think about how companies use social media to reach customers with similar interests. Consider how companies like Amazon use data analytics (business intelligence) to better serve customers by making recommendations based upon what other customers, similar to you, are buying or browsing on their website. iTunes uses the Apple Genius to recommend songs based upon what you have already purchased. How could Wilmington University use similar approaches to better serve student needs? Provide specific. (Please make your initial posting by Thursday and respond to at least two other students)

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also the video link for week 5 has been moved. Please answer the discussion board prompt based on your experience.
Cheryl Price

BI not only reduce cost or increase sales, it utilizes software for analytics to predict what will happen (predictive analytics) or what could happen (prescriptive analytics). Reports, dashboards, graphs, charts and maps are used to inform an organization with statistical data.

Universities that have used BI are able to increase performance of staff, improved financial management, and follow trends in student performance.

Wilmington University (WILMU) utilizes a business intelligent phone system and return student phone calls when customer service representatives are available.I would also like for WILMU to use analytics to prompt students of career availability base on courses taken and notify them of available courses further their education.



Salena Giddings

Many students are taking classes online because of trying to juggle work, family, and education. The flexibility is great! What I think would be helpful with the online courses is if each course offered a Collaborative session based on the needs of the students. I know when taking online classes the instructor offer students to mostly email and sometimes a number to call with questions, but I think it would be helpful to offer the collaboration weekly or bi-weekly depending on the needs of the class for whoever would like to log on and discuss any questions they may have. If no employees sign up for it, don’t have it that week. The benefit of this type of collaboration is one person may be asking a question that could also be helpful to other students. The instructor would only need to clarify something once, and all will receive the same message. It shouldn’t be mandatory, but I think it would be helpful, or if that is too much maybe utilize the Cyber Café for questions and concerns that the instructor would respond to.




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Due to the rise in the standards of living and the changes that have been seen in the economy more students prefer to engage in their studies as they also work. With the technological advances, Wilmington University can ensure that they modify their websites and student portals so that students can be notified on any changes at the campus.

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