a short essay responding to a series of questions

This assignment is in the form of a short essay responding to a series of questions relative to the chapters assigned in the text thus far in the course, and to the attached supplementary articles.

You are to develop an essay answering the following questions. The essay is to be completed individually, and should be between two (2) and four (4) type-written pages, single-spaced, and include a coversheet identifying the pertinent student and course information.

 What information would you consider most critical to present to potential investors?

 What are alternative sources for funding a new venture other than Venture Capital? What are the “pro’s” and “con’s” of those sources?
 Is Venture Capital worth the effort?
 The law gives provisions on how to protect one’s intellectual property.

Can a small entrepreneur really enforce it?

 Are patents only attainable for large firms or should a start-up firm
consider obtaining one?

((the attached supplementary articles.))




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There is a variety of critical information that can be presented to potential investors. 1. Financial performance: It is good to prove to an investor that a particular company has an excellent and a stable financial performance especially when seeking to fund a bank. It is necessary to prove that a business can handle its financial obligations. It is, therefore, necessary to prove that the current assets in business are enough to take care of current liabilities. 2. Experience and an excellent background in the industry:

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